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Полезная аналитика по BYOD (2016)

  15 февраля 2017 Страница персоны
В прошлой заметке я упомянул несколько свежих отчетов, посвященных вопросам использования мобильных устройств и обеспечению их безопасности, а именно:

Решил выбрать из них несколько полезных цифр и диаграмм (методология сбора данных для отчетов - опросы, поэтому привожу и сами вопросы).

Из 1го:
  • What is the one primary benefit you are seeking with your enterprise mobility program?

  • Which of the following types of custom apps have the  most positive business impact (productivity, ROI, etc.)?

  • What challenges are you facing in achieving your mobility goals?

  • Which mobile security issues are you concerned about?

  • How satisfied are you with adoption of custom apps in your organization?

И из 2го:

  • What are the main drivers and benefits of BYOD for your company?

  • What stage of BYOD adoption has been reached by your company?

  • What do you believe is the number one inhibitor to BYOD adoption in your organization?

  • What are your main security concerns related to BYOD?

  • What is your biggest pain point when it comes to mobile security?

  • What negative impact did mobile threats have on your company in the past 12 months?

  • How is your mobile security budget going to change over the next 12 months?

  • Have any of your BYO or corporate-owned devices downloaded malware in the past?

  • Have any of your BYO or corporate-owned devices connected to a malicious WiFi in the past?

  • Have mobile devices been involved in security breaches in your organization in the past?

  • How long did it take your organization to recover from the mobile security breach?

  • Which of the following applications and use cases do you allow on Bring Your Own Devices?

  • Which mobile platforms does your company support?





  • Which risk control measures are in place for mobile devices?

  • What tools does your organization use to manage mobile device security?

  • What challenges have you encountered with Mobile Application Management (MAM)?

  • In your opinion, what key capabilities are required for Mobile Threat Management solutions?

  • When employees leave the company, what device data removal processes do you use?


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